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Mid-Week Updates

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April 8, 2018

Our Thought for the Week, "I believe in Christ, like I believe in the sun - not because I can see it, but by it I can see everything else." - C.S. Lewis, marks the beginning of our journey through Eastertide.  Announcements about details of the new Tuesday Study class, Third Sunday Lunch, the April/May Session meeting and next Sunday's sermon are included.  Read the full issue.  Listen to Sermon - "The First Presbyterian"

April 1, 2018

"Hallelujah, He is risen! He is risen indeed!" marks the celebration on this Easter Sunday.  Announcements about April's Third Sunday Lunch, April/May Session Meeting and Tuesday Study are included.  Read the full issue.  Listen to Sermon - "Trembling"  

March 25, 2018

Today we celebrate Palm Sunday and contemplate the Hymn "A Prophet Woman Broke a Jar."  Announcements about Easter Lilies, Tuesday Study, Maundy Thursday Service, and Easter Sunday Service are included.  Read the full issue.  Listen to Sermon - "Which is Better?"

March 18, 2018

Our Thought for the Week:   "Lent comes providentially to reawaken us, to shake us from our lethargy" (Jorge Mario Bergoglio,) reminds us of the purpose of the Lenten journey we are undertaking.  Announcements about Third Sunday Lunch, Easter Lily orders, Tuesday Morning Study and the Maundy Thursday Service are included.  Read the full issue.  

March 11, 2018

This Sunday we examine more closely the full content of John 3:14-21 with focus on John 3:17.  Announcements about Highland's new Office Administrator/Bookkeeper, Jennifer Hirstius; Easter Lily Orders and March's Third Sunday Lunch are included.  Read the full issue.  Listen to Sermon - "John 3:17"