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Friday, October 09, 2015
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Highland Presbyterian Church
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On Sunday September 27th we honored Ed McKnight by dedicating our tool and tractor shed  – appropriately named Ed’s Shed.  Read below for a little more about Ed McKnight.
Ed and Anne joined HPC during the first months of it inception. He quickly became the "go to guy" when it came to construction and demolition projects. His smile and humor gave all who got involved in his projects the energy and drive to cheerfully complete the task. His expertise in building and remodeling was excellent. His handy work can still be seen through out our property. He freely donated his time, money, materials  and even some of his employees, in order to get the job done. Ed's abilities were not only paramount in the remodeling of our office and Great Hall buildings, but also in the construction of our once needed and long time used three temporary class room buildings. In addition to the classroom buildings, the playground fort and slide was Ed's testament to his love of children. He told me several time that kids were the foundation blocks of HPC. He also loved plants and flowers. Their beauty that welcomes us as we come to worship and fellowship each week is there because of Ed's green thumb.. It was hard to keep up with Ed. Before we realized fully that a tractor shed was needed, he and his crew had the foundation laid and the concrete poured. The next time we looked in the back of the property, the roof was being shingled and soon after our equipment had a new home which, we have fondly and rightly so,  named "Ed's Shed".
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